Intelligent software hub interconnecting legacy and modern industrial hardware under one UI.

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One software, one interface, multiple devices, all unified & interacting.

Collecting Data

Connectorio lets you collect data from various indutrial devices such as ventilation and heating equipment, electric panel etc. allowing to better manage these devices.

Central Mangement

Collected data may be used to optimize power & energy consumption, and offer added value to your facilities management department as all devices can be managed within one single user interface.

Devices Interconnection

Connected devices from different suppliers may interact with each other allowing for more efficient use of their capacity.


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Integrate everything under one dashboard.

One user interface lets you manage data from all your devices & design device interactions.


Automate industrial equipment with ease.

In commercial buildings new equipment coexists with legacy hardware. Connectorio enables you to connect both together. 


Manage your Hardware and let it interact.

Unification of various hardware from different manufacturers through universal software hub let's you manage it and optimize.


We Are Team Connectorio

Łukasz Dywicki connectorio

Łukasz Dywicki 
CEO, Lead Engineer

Łukasz is a JAVA developer with experience in programming various industrial interfaces. CEO and founder of Connectorio.

Ireneusz Krajewski connectorio

Ireneusz Krajewski
CMO, Marketing & Sales

Ireneusz is a civil engineer with experience in industrial buildings and on-line marketing specialist. CMO in Connectorio.

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We have established Connectorio as a company in late 2018 but the experience and input comes from previous years and projects (2016-2018). Connect with us on social media to learn more or visit the documentation page.

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